One-to-One iPad Rollout

One-to-One iPad Rollout

CDNIS Prep and Grade One classes made extensive use of iPads in the 2014/15 school year, including a 1-to-1 iPad Pilot in Ms. Cheung’s class. Those experiences laid a solid foundation for today’s Grade One 1-to-1 iPad Program. The story is better told in pictures, so enjoy the slideshow.

Numbered shelves to match iPads, complete with charger, in a locked cabinet, ready for the next lesson. (Thank you, CDNIS Facilities, for the custom build!)

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The ease with which students bettered their artistic, mathematical, geographical, and literacy skills with the iPads is testament the hours of thoughtful, dedicated work that made this program a reality. Congratulations to the Grade One team, Makky Fung, and Vivian Fung for the thoughtful work that made this learning opportunity possible.

Thank you, Grade One parents, for your support of this educational initiative.