Upper School Digital Ambassadors to the Rescue

Upper School Digital Ambassadors to the Rescue

OneDoor DAs - 1


Since the beginning of this school year and the opening of our new OneDoor facility on the 7th floor, Sabrina, Cas, Emma, Cheryl, Dennis, Patricia, Vincent and Dean have been spending one lunchtime per week each helping out with digital technology related issues. It has been a lot of fun working together with fellow students and teachers these past few months.

Emma (Grade 11) is at the OneDoor room every Wednesday and she says, “I spend my Wednesday lunches in the OneDoor room to help fellow students with computer problems – sometimes in-person or digitally through short tutorial videos put onto the OneDoor website (which is a more recent, and exciting, development). At first, it was a bit overwhelming; my first session was in the middle of re-imaging time, making this first lunch at OneDoor very fast-paced and giving me a whiplash sensation. But as time went on, I became much more comfortable being at OneDoor and I have been learning so much; not only about information about computers we need to help others but also about creating effective and informative videos, which I know will be helpful for me in the future.”

Watch one of Emma’s tutorial videos below.

CDNIS DA Video 2 – Google Templates from Emma on Vimeo.

You can find a student, as well as other staff members, in OneDoor every Upper School lunchtime (12:10-1:05pm) of the week. Feel free to come by if you need technology troubleshooting.

Words – Sabrina Roberts

Photos – David Larson