Fueled by Creativity

Fueled by Creativity

CDNIS Mission Statement:

To develop responsible global citizens and leaders through academic excellence.

To accomplish this, CDNIS adopted the IB, whose structure and values add muscle to the mission. The IB aims to develop people who are, among other things, caring, inquiring, knowledgeable, *principled, balanced, and risk-taking communicators. The fuel that puts all these traits in motion is creativity.

For all of those qualities in one place, watch Grade 11 student Emma’s 1400 Years of Classical Music in 400 Seconds.

Emma drew from her classroom movie-making experience and skills and then branched out to try something different. Inquirers know that learning doesn’t end at the classroom door. As Emma put it, “new skills are only one Google search away.” To her credit, it’s the risk-takers and thinkers like Emma that put the inquiry into action.

As I watched, impressed with the wealth of information and valuable visual detail, I wondered which teacher assigned such a cool project. As it turns out, nobody did. Emma created her video “to inspire and give some ideas to the Grade 7s and Grade 10s who will soon have to make a documentary for their Design project.” Isn’t this what any school wants for its students, independent and innovative learners who use their abilities to do good for others?

Emma is a reflective learner, so she would appreciate your feedback. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey. Her form also demonstrates good questioning for better comprehension.



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[Featured image to this post: Creativity by deichgnu. Some rights reserved.]