June 7: Adobe Day: Fine Arts, Design, and Learning and Teaching Technology teachers joined Earnest Wong, an Adobe Media Specialist, for a day of training in new Abode mobile apps.

Adobe Day - 1 (1)

Adobe has taken a bold move in offering for free some powerful and useful apps that sync through Creative Cloud to mobile and desktop versions of their full strength applications, like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Day - 4 (1)

Among Adobe Capture’s numerous tools is Shapes, which uses the iOS camera to create vector line drawings.

Adobe Day - 1

Saeed used his iPad to take a photo of his iPhone, which Capture converted into a vector graphic, that he accessed within minutes on his Macbook’s Illustrator. Wait until the 9th Grade graphic novel designers see this.

Adobe Day.001

I used Capture to create a vector graphic of the 9th-floor totem.

Adobe Day.002

Adobe Day - 2 (1)

Abode Capture includes Colors, which allows you to select colors out of a photo to create a color palette, which you can share through Creative Cloud and access on all your Adobe applications.

Adobe Day.001

Custom color palettes, from photo to Illustrator library, in minutes. Capture Looks allows you to apply any custom palette to video or still images. This has great potential for fine arts, graphic design, photography, and filmmaking.


Before and after PS Fix.001

Underexposed portrait, typical of someone standing in front of a monitor, and distracting wall notes remedied with Photoshop Fix. Earnest doesn’t usually glow as he does in the after photo, that’s my hurried work. A stylus or Apple pencil is preferred for fine work.


Totem Burgundy

Totem figure and background colors match the 9th-floor totem. Created with iPad, Abobe Capture, and Illustrator.