Blueprint Club: Turning Endless Ideas into Reality

Blueprint Club: Turning Endless Ideas into Reality

Blueprint Club - prosthetics

By Blueprint Club member and CDNIS student Emma C.

Prosthetic hands, xylophone players, claw machines, miniature tanks… these are just a few of the endless ideas that the members of the Blueprint Club strive to turn into reality. The Blueprint Club began in 2014 and provides a space for creativity and ingenuity for students of all ages and all experience levels. The combination of a large range of interests and a large range of students gives a truly unique experience; it is not a rare sight to find that on a single table there is a 4th grader and a 12th grader, one working on a solar-powered car, one working on a digital hourglass with an Arduino.

Blueprint Club - bits

Blueprint Club Makeblock partsBlueprint Club uses Makeblock parts for many of our projects. Makeblock is a company that was founded by Jasen Wang in 2011, and is built on two principles -“share great ideas with coworkers and turn ideas into reality” – very much in line with Blueprint club’s own goals.




Blueprint Club - 3D printer calibration

A more recent addition to OneDoor is the line of 3D printers that were built by thirteen CDNIS students earlier this year. These printers are accessible to the Blueprint Club members, and throughout the year we will learn how to use them.

Blueprint Club arduinoIf you are more interested in coding, then at Blueprint club you can work with Arduinos; not only can you learn basic skills with breadboards, resistors, and wires, but there is also an opportunity to learn C++ code.
At the Blueprint Club, we also promote a safe environment to learn and explore our building skills. This includes becoming familiar with the tools and learning how to use them safely. What is the difference between long nose pliers and combination pliers, and when do we use them? How do we solder wires safely? These are imported questions that often don’t get answered inside of our classrooms, but are always addressed in Blueprint Club.
The Blueprint Club meets every Thursday after school in OneDoor. No matter your age or experience level – you can feel free to join us!