Floor Robots - Blue Bots in Gr.1

Floor Robots – Blue Bots in Gr.1

Gr.1 students have recently explored a floor robot called Blue Bot.  The first lesson aimed at developing collaboration, problem solving and coding skills.

On the mat, students talked about what they knew about robots. One student pretended to be a “child-robot” moving to different places in the classroom while the class gave clear instructions for moving.

Then, students learned how to move a Blue Bot on a white grid paper (15cm x 15cm). Students learned that once they pressed the buttons on the Blue Bot (forward, left, right, backward, pause, go), the robot would walk on the grid.

In the first challenge, students were divided into groups of 4 to take turns using Blue Bots.  Every student will move the robot from one side of the grid to the opposite side following their own program.

In the second challenge, students designed programs with 2 obstacles on the grid.

At the end, students shared what they noticed and learned about the Blue Bots.  Some shared how it was important to ‘clear’ the previous program before the next person used it.  Some shared how they found different ways to go to the same destination.  Next lesson, students will create their own mazes.

They all wanted to try using them again.