Technological Innovation, Theory of Knowledge, & Trump

Technological Innovation, Theory of Knowledge, & Trump

Dr. Follet

The Canadian International School of Hong Kong recently hosted Professor Richard Follett of the University of Sussex (UK) who addressed CDNIS faculty and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students.

Follett Lecture Panel

Dr. Follett was joined by panelists Dr. John Turner (Director of Digital Innovation), Dr. Helen Kelly (Lower School Principal), and Chris Tyrrell (TOK Coordinator) as they explored the interactions between technological innovation and aspects of our changing world on personal and global levels, including international politics.

Follett Lecture Padlet

Theory of Knowledge students began the discussion online by sharing their definitions and questions about technological innovation on a Padlet.

Mr. Joe Holroyd opened the event with a provocative New York Times video, How China is Changing Your Internet, which imagines a life increasingly lived online with dramatically decreased privacy.

Follet Lecture Chris Tyrrell

Mr. Tyrrell led students through TOK thinking routines to help them evaluate and investigate assertions and suggestions made by the video, both as a debrief of the NY Times piece and to establish a receptive and critical view of the proceedings.

Follett Lecture stage

While much discussion of technology centers on hardware and software, digital learning extends to the impact of technology on our interactions between individuals and with the wider, global community. This year’s Follett Lecture raised many questions about the merits of technological innovation while providing students with cognitive strategies for both navigating and influencing the future.