What Does Digital Citizenship Mean to You? Your Kids?

What Does Digital Citizenship Mean to You? Your Kids?

The Five B's

Grade 4, 5, and 6 students reacted to six technology-related scenarios. We left them with The Five B’s to further guide their positive choices.

Two weeks before the Christmas holiday is a good time for a refresher on what we mean by digital citizenship in the Lower School and at home. The Learning & Teaching Technology team created and delivered lessons to remind, challenge, and survey our students about responsible technology use.

Mindful of some common student technology missteps and potential problems, we created six scenarios and then asked students how they would react in each situation and how they could prevent them in the first place.

  1. Your classmates want to show you a cool YouTube video during break time, so they share juice boxes and a bag of pretzels while sitting on the floor in the hallway.
  2. Your classmate shows you how to access someone else’s computer screen using an unauthorized password.
  3. Your parents are not home and you are allowed to use your computer alone.  You browse on the internet and see a link that seems to have inappropriate content.
  4. Someone sends a photo of you with a mean caption without your acknowledgment.
  5. Someone uses your account to send an insulting email to someone else.
  6. You’re on the 7th Floor at 7:05 AM and you’re bored, waiting for your friends bus to arrive, so you decide to play a game on your phone.

The small group discussions and classroom sharing were spirited and, most reassuring, positive. Students demonstrated not only working knowledge of the do’s and don’t’s of technology use at school, but also voiced strategies for resolving conflict that both protected themselves and supported the other person. They applied the Responsible Use Agreement in both letter and spirit.