Do You Know the First Rule of Flight Club?

Do You Know the First Rule of Flight Club?

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The sky is no limit for the CDNIS Flight Club. Students in Grade 7 and 8, under the guidance of OneDoor, have formed a drone flying club. CDNIS is well-positioned to follow the opportunities presented by increasingly powerful and affordable drones.

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Flight Club students have created Flight 101 for their peers (and teachers!). This Tao of drone operation articulates safety guidelines, pre-flight checks, flight controls, and other original, government, and professional resources.

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What’s next? Flight Club is growing as more students earn their Tier II and Tier III drone licenses. CDNIS is already using drones for evaluating sporting teams, monitoring the environment in science classes, and creating aerial photographs and videos. With organizations like Drones for Good encouraging innovation and community, Flight Club is prepared tap into a global community and movement.

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