Google Expeditions – Bring the World into Your Classrooms

Lower school students have been taking virtual field trips in their classrooms using Google Expeditions.  Unlike many students’ home experience of using VR for gaming or watching a roller coster video, the VR experience is educational and informative.  With Google Expeditions, the teacher can choose a place or a topic and lead the students through a number of 3D images with relative information and specific points on the image for discussions.

Gr.1 VR Exploration - WWPT

With a VR Goggle, an iPod Touch, and the Google Expeditions app, students in Gr.1-3 have been exploring the oceans, the rainforests, the deserts, and even the outerspace. Gr.1 VR Exploration - WWPT (1)

The 3D panorama photos gave the students an immersive experience while they listened to the relative information given by the teacher on the expeditions.



With a proper introduction to VR and safety tips, young students can also handle the equipment with care by themselves and learn independently.

Gr.1 VR Exploration - WWPT (2)

Students will record their learning after exploring on an expedition.  The questions are related to their current units of inquiry.  Here are some questions they can ask themselves when doing an reflection.

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