Robot Challenge 2018

Robot Challenge 2018

Robot Parade 2018 - 1

Photo by David Larson, CDNIS Design/LTT

Robotics teacher Vivian Fong coaches students during the 'Bot Build phase.

Robotics teacher Vivian Fong coaches students during the ‘Bot Build phase.

In the week following our Chinese New Year holiday, CDNIS Grade 7 Science students met and conquered the Robot Challenge 2018: Design an Earth Grabber Robot (EGR) capable of exploring and gathering samples from Planet X. Each team of three was supplied with a Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit, technical specifications, and a tight timeframe.

Makeblock parts list

Completed robots had to fit size restrictions, grasp and carry objects, and be efficiently, remotely controlled. In addition, teams could earn style points for fabricating an innovative, beautiful, or beastly appearance.

Robots - 2

Photo courtesy of Christopher Niem, CDNIS Communications.

Robot engineering teams followed the Design Thinking model – Investigate, Think, Ideate, Plan. They began with blueprints and recorded their build in a short video. Improvements to their plans were expected and encouraged.

This made for seven class blocks of hard fun as Grade 7 students rose to the challenge. Upper School Principal Tim Kaiser noted that the “energy and excitement was palpable up and down the hallways” during the week.

Robots build

Photo by David Larson, CDNIS Design/LTT

The culminating event was the annual Robot Parade in the Alan Dick Forum. Students showcased their creations and competed for the best appearance, most innovative design,  swiftest ‘bot, and best suited to “Getting it Done”, grabbing and collecting resource samples from Planet X. The proceedings gathered a large enthusiastic crowd of passersby, many of whom were riveted by the competitions. You can enjoy the highlights in the following video.