Grade 7 Innovation Fair: Ideas, Digital Power and Student Agency in Action

This past week all Grade 7 students took the week to generate ideas to meet needs and problems. Utilizing the full range of 21C skills (Collaborating as a group, Communicating through digital video and f2f pitches, Creating innovative prototypes, and Critical Thinking their way through improvement iterations) the students generated

  • Proposals
  • Pitches
  • Prototypes
  • and finally presentations at Friday’s Innovation Fair and Forum Celebration

They worked with a laser cutter to cut cardboard prototypes, with some students choosing to make XCode/Swift apps while others pursued ideas in cosmetics, fabrics, electronics, and other construction mediums; all drawing on subject learning communicated through student iFolios.

Well done to all students and the teachers who supported across the week.Innovation Fair 2018 Medals (Larson) - 1 Innovation Fair 2018 (Larson) - 1 Innovation Fair 2018 (Larson) - 3 Innovation Fair 2018 (Larson) - 8 Innovation Fair 2018 (Larson) - 21 IMG_5588 IMG_5601 IMG_5614